At a U.S. casino, a woman bet $5 in poker and won $1.6 million

In the U.S., in New Jersey, a 74-year-old woman snapped up the casino jackpot and gave away some of the money to staff and guests. This was reported on December 20 by TV channel NBC Philadelphia.

The woman bet $5 on a poker game, and she came up with the strongest combination of flush royal: she snapped the jackpot of $1.6 million.

The woman then went to the table and gave the dealers $77,000, thanking them for the game. She also gave away $100 each to everyone in the casino.

“It’s amazing that she did such an act at this time of year, especially around the holidays and Christmas,” said gambling outlet manager Gregg Klein.

In late June, a Mega Millions lottery participant in Illinois won the $1.34 billion jackpot, which was the third largest in the country. However, 30 days later, the winner still hadn’t come up with the money.

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