Where you can legally play in a casino in Kazakhstan

The subject of gambling business, especially casino, is very multifaceted and complicated in terms of legality. Today online casinos in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are prohibited by law. Therefore, the hardware and software complex cannot be placed on the territory of the state in any way.

Despite all the bans, residents of Kazakhstan have an illegal, but still possible, to play at online casinos. Many gambling companies are located in other countries, so the law cannot prohibit their activities in Kazakhstan. Users from this country can use various ways to bypass the blocking (VPN, Proxies, Anonymizers, etc.). But in the dry residue it contradicts the legal framework of the gambling business of the state. If certain problems arise, the client will not be able to count on legal support. In addition, residents of the state came up with an initiative to ban all foreign online casinos.

Where you can legally play casino in Kazakhstan.

In what gambling zones there is no ban on casinos.

Kazakhstan is a country that pays much attention to quality recreation. Casino lovers can satisfy their gambling, but it is possible only in specially designated places. Opening of illegal institutions is punishable by law and can lead to a real sentence, but that doesn’t stop some daredevils. You can play legally only in gaming areas, and only if you are 21 years old. Casinos can have their licenses revoked for involving children.

Kapchagai Gaming Zone

Kapchagai is a small town on the shore of Kapchagai Reservoir, located 75 kilometers from Almaty. There are a large number of casino buildings, each of which differs in its architecture. This “oasis” of gambling locals call “Kazakhstan Las Vegas. The owners of gambling establishments do not spare money for the development of infrastructure, construction of saunas, restaurants and hotels. Therefore a great number of roulette and blackjack lovers come here.

Borovoe game area

Near Lake Borovoye in 2009 opened a recreation center, which attracts people here with its landscapes and views of the mountains. But among this carefree atmosphere there is a place for thrill-seekers. There are 20 tables for poker, roulette and blackjack, more than 50 slot machines. For those who like to bet large sums there is a VIP-room, where more experienced players gather.

The administration of the casino is trying in every way to attract new customers, holding various promotions. Some lucky people become owners of new cars. A big plus of this area is the proximity to the capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan.

Tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan is developing at a significant rate, largely due to the beautiful nature. But in order to attract new tourists, it is necessary to develop other areas of entertainment, so the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the country plans to increase the number of game zones to 5. Two of them are scheduled to open in Almaty Oblast, the third on the Caspian Sea coast.


Gambling business in Kazakhstan prohibits online casinos and illegal establishments, including slot machines. The only legal places remain two gambling zones, which are located in the Borovoe resort and in the small town of Kapchagai. There gambling lovers can fully satisfy themselves and try their luck.

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